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Recorded 17 May 2017 

Two Case Studies that Unlocked Invisible Value Where Cost Price was a Lower-Level Consideration

This webinar will look at 2 case studies that bring to life the reality and factual nature of improved business outcomes that have been masterly performed by procurement colleagues. We talk about ‘new value’ and sometimes it’s hard to visualize or imagine yourself in the picture of delivering these new value elements.

Case studies make it real and in many cases much better understood. Craig’s practical experiences bring these hard-to-visualize outcomes to life.

As he often does, he has a new procurement tool to show us that will turn someone else’s case study into your reality.

Key Topics: 

  • Price-Cost-Value…some clear distinctions between these 3.
  • Where is the (non-price) pot of gold?
  • Case study 1: Where the cost price improvement by procurement was tiny and the mega ground-breaking benefit was a successful new product for your organization’s sales force.
  • The ‘thank you’ to procurement…from the sales team and the sales director.
  • Case study 2: Where the outcome of a technology purchase actually met the requirements of the users, much to their surprise, when it has never been so in the past.
  • The ‘thank you’ to procurement…from the IT Director.


Craig Lardner FCIPS

Principal, Procurement Advisory Services

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