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Recorded 25 April 2017 

Sourcing Optimization - Understanding The Process and The Benefits

More and more companies are using sourcing optimization approaches and software, with considerable success. As computing power increases, the possibilities for using the process are also growing, and the results can be startling (and very positive). This webinar will give an overview of optimization, how it works, and the key factors to consider if you are considering introducing it or indeed extending its scope. We will also look a the different types of benefits that you can expect from optimization.

Key Topics of the Webinar: 

  • What is sourcing optimization – and how does it differ from “traditional” sourcing?
  • Which are the most promising spend categories or projects for which optimization is likely to be effective, including more advanced use cases?
  • What are the critical success factors for successful implementation from a buyer’s perspective?
  • What sort of benefits are likely to be delivered through the process? 


Peter Smith

Editor, Spend Matters UK/Europe // Managing Director, Procurement Excellence Ltd.

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