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Recorded 1 March 2017 

Achieving Strategic Alignment for Procurement With the Board…in just 3 pages

This webinar will deal with the myth that setting strategy is very complicated and is only achievable by the planet’s smartest minds.

We have too long held the view that we are mere mortals and that the ability to create a strategy is beyond us — we should just accept our mediocrity and leave strategy creation to the boardroom.

Craig will take down this perceived giant by breaking it down into its logical component parts. And … do it in just 3 pages!

Key Topics of the Webinar: 

  • The difference between objectives and strategy…is it none?...or is it lots?
  • Starting with your Board executive goals…turning them into your job goals.
  • Distinguishing between the procurement team job goals…and your personal goals.
  • The cascading effect…from the chairman of the board…to just you.
  • Is your strategic alignment now in place?...the proof technique.


Craig Lardner FCIPS

Principal, Procurement Advisory Services

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