Putting Suppliers at the Center of your Organization 

Dubai | 1 March 2016 | Historically, procurement has tended to look at two linked but separate process cycles - the category management process and the purchase to pay process. But when we think about how we can achieve competitive advantage in our organizations, it is clear that suppliers must be at the heart of this.


New Approaches to Negotation

Abu Dhabi | 2 March 2016 | In the world of procurement - systematic evalutions and logical responses are key behavioural traits in supplier negotiations. However, work by leading economist Dr Daniel Kahneman details why behaviour is not always logical.

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Driving Value from your Sourcing Process

Dubai | 10 May 2016 | In this session we will look at the end to end sourcing process and give a "refresher" overview of the key elements and issues linked to the process. That will include a discussion around using specialised sourcing techniques, such as e-auctions sourcing plus; when might those be appropriate and useful?

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Quick Wins for the New Procurement Leader

Abu Dhabi | 11 May 2016 | A new procurement leader might be the Chief Procurement Officer, Purchasing Director, Head of Procurement or similar. In this session we will look at five "quick wins" for the new procurement leader moving into a new role or organization.

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Proving your Procurement Value

Dubai | 20 September 2016 | All the core processes and enablers we have talked about through this year's Real World Procurement series (sourcing, transactional management, supplier management, people and tools) don't help the procurement function if the rest of the organisation is not convinced that procurement is truly adding value!

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Next Generation Supplier Management

Abu Dhabi | 21 September 2016 | SRM has been a hot topic for some years now, but technology is changing supplier management just as it is other areas of the procurement lifecycle. We will look at the latest thinking in the whole area of supplier management - so not just the SRM around the most critical suppliers, but the wider picture.

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