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Real World Procurement 2016 | 1 March 2016

Putting Supliers at the Center of your Organization:

Historically, procurement has tended to look at two linked but separate process cycles - the category management process and the purchase-to-pay process. But when we think about how we can achieve competitive advantage in our organisations, it is clear that suppliers must be at the heart of this.

In this session, we looked at what is meant by supplier lifecycle management, and how the different elements fit together. We also discussed what this means in practice for procurement professionals - how might we change our processes, activities and thinking to take advantage of this approach?

Real World Procurement 2016 | 2 March 2016

New Approaches to Negotiation:

This session looked at the latest thinking around human behaviour (in particular the work of Prof. Daniel Kahneman) and what it can tell us about effective negotiation approaches. The briefing covered:

  • Priming and anchoring - does "getting in first" in negotiation really work?
  • How bias gets in the way of good procurement and negotiation
  • Attitudes to risk

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